The wooden peg and bow


Easy craft time.

So I thought I would show you something I have been making in my spare time for some years now. They are super cheap to make, great for brightening a white wall, presents, or for the kitchen.

All you need is some wooden clothes pegs, acrylic paint, small decorative pieces and a glue gun, all of which can be bought in Hobbycraft – my favourite place of all time.

As with painting a canvas or a piece of furniture it is best that you put a base layer on whatever you are doing. This helps with one, the colour and also, in regards to wood, it makes it easier to paint afterwards. In this case, with the wooden pegs it means when you do get round to putting colour on them the paint does not get absorbed into the surface.

So, you need to paint all of your wooden pegs white first and wait for them to dry. They shouldn’t take too long to dry. Once dry, pick out a colour you particularly like or want to coordinate with and start painting over the white. I tend to do about three layers to get an even and rich pigmented colour. To get the best result you will need for them to dry in between each layer.


Once you are happy with the colour and they are dry, you move on to what you would like the peg to be decorated with. I have done various decorations over the years.


With the photo above, I bought some fabric decorations and used my glue gun to attach them to the top of the peg. In the other images I bought different coloured spotted ribbon cut them to length and sewn them into bows, sewing a button on them in the process. Once completed, as with the others I use a glue gun to stick them on.

What I love about them is how versatile they are. You can see them around the high street being sold in places like Paperchase, but I like being able to decide what colour I want them to be and what decorations to match.

I first got the idea a few Christmas’ ago when my Aunt asked for some pegs to use in the kitchen to close open bags of food. After looking around, I was not happy with any I saw and decided to make some homemade ones for her. After that I decided to see how else I could use them and came up with a few.

   photo-9                 photo-10


Whether you want them to tart up your cookbook stand, use them as page holders for your cookbook (is there anything more annoying than having to hold down pages?), or to hold up jewellery, photos, cards, or fridge magnets (you will need to glue magnets on the back obviously) they are a fun little project to do and cost effective!

photo-8                                            photo-15


2 thoughts on “The wooden peg and bow

  1. Well done, Gracie! This is all fantastic! Keep on cooking, baking, arting, and crafting as you create your cosy new home! xoxo

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