Skittled cupcakes



Good Afternoon lovely readers.

Did we all have a good weekend? Anyone watching the Comic Relief Celebrity Bake Off? I am so addicted. I can’t tear myself away from the tv when it is on, I just think it is such good tv.

Today I have some Skittled cupcakes for you. I was inspired by another blog who had done a skittle cake – something I am going to attempt this week possibly. After reading it I starting thinking about making them into cupcakes – here is how it went.

I wanted to just use a Vanilla base for the cupcake sponge. I took this from Juliet Sears ‘Cake decorating Bible’, I know I have used her previously, but I seriously can’t sing this books praises enough.

Ingredients for the Vanilla syrup:

100g golden caster sugar

100ml water

1 vanilla pod, seeds scraped into a bowl and pod saved

For the Vanilla sponge:

200g softened butter

200g golden caster sugar

1 vanilla pod, seeds scraped into a bowl

1 tsp good quality vanilla extract

4 medium eggs, lightly beaten

200g self-raising flour

First things first, pop your oven on at 200 degrees/ 180 degrees fan oven (you know the drill). Get your cupcake tin/moulds ready – I think this recipe made about sixteen cupcakes.

To create the not so secret syrup ingredient to making them taste amazing is super easy and very like the the lemon syrup I talked about previously. Mix the sugar with water in a saucepan and bring gently to the boil, stirring intermittently to prevent lumps and burning. As soon as it starts to boil take it off the stove and let it cool for a couple of minutes. Now add the vanilla seeds and pop them in after which you can throw the pod in as well for an added umph. I don’t think there is anything more satisfying than scraping all the vanilla seeds out of the pod. Reading that back I know that sounds weird, but it really is satisfying!


Leave this to cool.

Moving on to the sponge mixture. Combine the sugar, butter, vanilla seeds, extract and beat until the mixture is pale all the sugar grains have disappeared. Now add your beaten eggs, folding them in in quarters. Then add your flour in the same way. Be careful not to over mix it as the sponge can become chewy.

At this point I adapt the recipe with the skittles. I painstakingly cut all the skittles in half, making sure to keep the coloured skin that crumbled off. Once this was done, I poured it all into the mix and stirred it all in with a wooden spoon.

Spoon your cake mix into your cupcake holders and fill to about a quarter- half way.


Now they can go into the oven for 10-15minutes. Always a good idea to keep an eye on them. Making sure they spring back and the knife test is clean you can take them out and start to paint the tops of them with the vanilla syrup. You will have a lot of syrup left over but you can keep the syrup for a while in the fridge. I can’t remember exactly where I read how long, but I reckon you could probably just do a taste test to figure it out.

For the topping I used Fondant Icing:

500g pack of fondant icing sugar

A few tbsp of boiled, but cooled water.

Paste colours are optional. – I decided to just use white as I wanted the Skittles on top to POP.

It is a really simple procedure – you literally put all the icing in a bowl and add the spoonfuls of water one at a time until you get a thick texture. You are aiming for a treacle like consistency. I tried to ice them with a piping bag, but found that it was far to difficult with the thickness of the icing. In the end I just used a spoon. Make sure it doesn’t come out of the cupcake case. In terms of it being neat, all you have to do is tap the cupcake on to the counter and the icing will fill to the edges and slowly start to harden. The result is a great smooth texture.

Once that was done I added some skittles to top the cupcakes with.


Originally, I wanted to just cupcake core the middle and pop the skittles in the middle. This was how the skittle cake I saw on Easy Baked was done, however at the time I didn’t have a corer. Or so I thought….. turns out after I had made them and iced them I found a cupcake corer that I had bought a few months earlier and forgotten about. DOH! Marginally irritated with myself about that. After telling the other half, I was swiftly told that, perhaps it was time to clear out my baking drawer… Next time.

The only thing that I would advise, but knew was going to happen due to the weight of them, is that the skittles sink to the bottom of the cupcake. Even flouring them does not help. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing as you get a sticky surprise after you have eaten the sponge, but if you don’t want this to happen, I would suggest the corer idea.


Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed reading this. I reckon this would have a great recipe for a kids party. Word of warning for the older folk who may be reading this. If you have dentures, I would perhaps stir clear as the skittles are very chewy!

I will let you all know how the big skittles cake goes when I make it this week. I just have to try it, it looks so fun! Photos will follow.

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