Will you be my Valentine? Part 1



Treacle Spice Valentine biscuits


Happy Valentine’s Day : )

So I tend to think that Valentine’s Day is a bit of a con. I don’t really understand why someone needs one day to show their significant other how much they love them. Surely that is what their anniversary is for? This year my other half and I decided to boycott it in the traditional sense. No cards, no presents. Instead I decided to just do some baking. One of which are my Treacle Spice biscuits. As I sit here writing this blog, my oven is humming gently in the background and as time passes, a lovely smell of Red Velvet cake has started to trickle into the living room. This is part 2 of baking, but this will be posted tomorrow. Back to the biscuits.

This venture started when I went through my baking cupboard, which was starting to look like a floured sweet bomb had exploded inside. Rummaging through my ‘stock’ I came across some hard boiled sweets that I had originally bought to make stained glass Christmas biscuits. These biscuits never ceased to exist unfortunately. Instead of leaving them there until December I decided to melt them down and make some hearts. I just placed them on a tray with baking sheet and popped them in the oven until they had melted down. From there I put the tray on the stove and put it on the lowest heat so that it would continue bubbling. With a spoon I then scooped some and began dribbling the melted sweets into hearts on a tray. The result?


Anyway, I was trying to decide what to do with them and decided that I hadn’t made biscuits for a long time, thus the treacle spice Valentine biscuit was born.


200g plain flour

1/2 teaspoon baking powder

1/2 teaspoon ground ginger

1/2 cinnamon

1/2 mixed spice

50g muscovado dark brown sugar

100g salted butter, diced

50g black treacle or molasses

1. Sift flour, baking powder and spices into a bowl and then mix sugar in well.

2. Add butter and with tips of your fingers rub the butter in so that the result looks like breadcrumbs.

3. Make a well and put treacle in, mixing it in well. It should bring the mixture together. The colour should be evenly spread – this is when you know it is done.

4. Place on work top and divide into two balls. Squash slightly, cover and pop into the fridge for 20-30minutes. Then take them out, roll the dough out between two sheets of baking parchment till the dough is rolled out to a 5mm thickness all over. Pop them into the fridge for 20-30minutes before cookie cutting it.

5.  Preheat oven to 170degrees and then cookie cut what you want. Put in the oven for 14-18 mins. When they start to go brown you can take them out. I rotated them half way through so the back ones did not burn.

N.B – Remember never to store them before the are cold otherwise they lose their crunch. Do not ice until cooled.

Basic Royal Icing


900g royal icing mix

150ml cold water

If you are wanting to ice your biscuits completely you will need to line your biscuits first. This requires a thicker consistency. By achieving add cold water slowly mixing as you go along. You need it to be a bit thicker than custard. If you want to add colour then do so, mixing it in thoroughly. Now you can pop it in your icing bag with a thin nozzle. Now you need to draw an outline of your required design.


I am still working on being neat!

Once this has dried slightly – it doesn’t take long, you will need to flood your biscuit. To do this you need to make your icing a bit thinner, which is easily done by adding a bit more water. Do it slowly, testing the consistency until you get it right. At this point I get my squeezy bottle out and fill it. It just makes it easier to use. Now ‘colour in’ the biscuit! It will spread to the sides so don’t put too much flooding in otherwise it will go over the border.

At this point I placed my heart sweets on top as it was drying and it dried into the icing. Ta Da!


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