Baby Shower antics


So just over a week ago I hosted a baby shower with the help of a friend. We had been planning it for a couple of months so it was nice that it finally all came together nicely. The event was a surprise and with the help of family members we managed to pull the surprise off. To my relief the shock did not induce labour and she enjoyed the afternoon.

Unfortunately I did not take pictures of all the decorations which was rather silly of me. It was the first baby shower I have ever organised so I did a lot of research and asked people for advice. I didn’t realise that the options were endless! Though a predominately America tradition, I think it makes for a lovely few hours for the expectant mum and it was great fun for us too.

A friend and I did lots of baking for the event which I shall cover in a little while. Decoration wise I bought some baby grows, bibs, hat and gloves for everyone to decorate with fabric pens. I strung up the clothes on hangers with pegs all over the room and made three tissue paper pom poms which you can see in the above photo. They are super easy to do and all you need is tissue paper , string and scissors. I had seen a tutorial on a blog previously which gave me the idea. Martha Stewarts website has a good tutorial too.


One of the items I baked were coconut marshmallow cupcakes with a coconut buttercream. They were great fun to make and easy for any novice baker to create. I won’t go into ingredient details as you can find the coconut recipe I used on a previous post. In regards to the coconut buttercream- use any buttercream recipe, add the vanilla where stated and on top of this add a couple of handfuls of dessicated coconut in. The reason I used this instead of the seven minute icing I used previously is that that icing has egg white in, and is not suitable for pregnant ladies. The buttercream works just as well!

Once you have baked the cupcakes and they have cooled, dollop you buttercream on making a mound in the middle and start to add the marshmallows. Leave a gap for the head. Now mould your heads. For this you need ready to roll regal icing. I used some left over ivory icing from the building block cakes for the head and ears and then some white icing for the googly eyes. With some black colouring I dipped a toothpick into it and dotted the eyes to make pupils and lastly pricked the nose to make nostrils. A little time consuming but the result is brilliant!


Now for the building blocks. These were very time consuming, but ultimately very rewarding! Again I won’t put the recipe up as it is a lemon cake recipe I have blogged about previously. Wack it in the oven and then pop into the fridge for half and hour until cool. Take out and carefully cut into cubes. Once cut, warm up some jam and smother the sides of them with it. This will help the reyal icing to stick to it. With rolled reyal icing (we added a little ivory colouring) cover the blocks with it and cut and smooth it. Once you have covered the amount you need to make up some royal icing:
We used powdered egg white which is safe for pregnant ladies.

180ml water
1kg icing sugar
30g egg white powder

– Combine all ingredients starting with wet ingredients first. Add dry ingredients and whisk/beat for 5 mins with electric whisker. It should form a think paste. If you are not using it immediately you will need to cover with cling film immediately.

Separate into bowls if you want to add different colours into them. A little colour goes a long way so start with only a small drop/dab. Once satisfied with the colour put into different piping bags with a writing tip- I think we used a Wilton 7m. Now decorate as you wish! We put both letters and drawings on. Using different colours of icing gives a really fun effect and you can do a lot with them.


This was the first time I have made anything like this so some are better than others. I would really recommend making them though, they are a fun twist on a cake and are a great size for people to take one block each.

I hope I have perhaps given you some inspiration to those who may be organising a baby shower in the future or a child’s birthday!

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