Roses are pink


Once this is done you need to get onto the buttercream icing. Again I added pink colouring to the icing to get a light shade of pink. Once mixed pop it into a piping bag and use a big star nozzle and starting in the middle and working outwards make round swirls so they look like flowers- like so

So, it’s been a while, sorry about that, have been a little busy!

I have had this cake in the bag for a while now but thought I would show you. This was commissioned by a guy who wanted to surprise his partner on their 6 year anniversary. How sweet is that? His request was that it be pink an not too big. So I pulled out my cupcake mould for two people and got creative!

Now, decoration like this turns out, is not for the faint hearted. If you have copious amounts of patience an determination to see the finished product then you will be fine!

Once the cake was baked covered either with hot jam or buttercream you can start icing. Buttercreamed cakes need to be popped in the fridge first; jam wise it needs to be icing pretty much immediately.

So first of all I rolled out some white fondant icing to cover the bottom part of the cupcake. As my mould isn’t very defined at the bottom I then added some pink colouring to some fondant. With this I rolled out, measured and cut out strips to stick on the white to create the 3D wrapper affect.



Fill in any spaces with a squeeze of icing. It should come out as little stars.


Prepping the cake board I covered the entire thing with white fondant. Unfortunately, my coloured icing pen exploded while I was writing so I had to cut the outer rim off and cover that bit with pink buttercream. On the white icing I decided to just imprint the wording and actually it came out beautifully.

On the pink buttercream on the board I placed handmade flowers that I made with white and pink icing. Very easy to do. Cut small rectangles of pink icing and roll them up. Set aside. Now sandwich small balls of white fondant under cling film and with your thumb from one side of the ball roll out to the other side in a fab action. Once all done model them around the pink part.


Lastly, I also used a small flower mould to make lots of small pink roses that I placed like a necklace around the bottom of the cake. It is silicone and you literally just take a ball, press in and then carefully peel out.


Anyway, it took a fair while but I was really pleased with the end result and the client was happy, so I am happy!





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